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12 Super Yummy Homemade Chocolate Recipes

Since 1764 when Dr. John Baker discovered cocoa butter by grinding cocoa beans between two large millstones, chocolate and cocoa powder have always been favorite ingredient used for delicacies, desserts and cakes because of its excellent and unique taste. 

Did you know, back in 1764, when it originated by Dr. John Baker, cocoa butter was so expensive, it was considered that chocolate should be a snack available only for the rich and famous and a luxury snack for the rest of the population.

But luckily, Conrad Van Houten made chocolate more accessible to the general public by developing a method to make cocoa butter which was then sold as rock cocoa or ground into powder form.

That was the beginning of recipes we find in our homes today and treat ourselves to.

Cakes and other sweets are indispensable part of our lives nowadays, especially for birthday parties or wedding celebrations, when we enjoy eating all those various kinds of bakes made out of cocoa.

Delicious chocolate treats like ganache cake, truffles or chocolate silk mousse can be made at home by anyone easily with very less effort, skills and time required.

All you need is the oven and a little help of these 12 super yummy homemade chocolate recipes.

12 super yummy & delicious, simple to make, homemade chocolate cake recipes from scratch 

  1. How To Make Chocolate Fondue Dip
  2. Chocolate Praline Recipes
  3. How to Make Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
  4. Mud Puddle Chocolate Cookies
  5. How To Make Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownies
  6. Silk Chocolate Mousse Recipe
  7. Chocolate Truffle Sour Cream Bundt Cake Recipe
  8. How To Make Deep Fried Mars Bars
  9. Chocolate Decadence: A guide to baking and falling in love.
  10. Cranberry Chocolate Fudge Pie Recipe
  11. How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Sauce
  12. Homemade Spicy Hot Chocolate Recipes

“This is for all chocolate lovers and other chocoholics that are excited about, or those who struggle with baking chocolate delights.”

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