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How To Get Skinny In 6 Minutes Morning Routine?

Renowned fitness expert and featured author for Women’sHealth magazine, Craig Ballantyne, reveals in his recent research called “6-Minutes To Skinny“, that he has developed a powerful fat loss system that requires only 6 minute routine every morning, without any exercising, to fix your belly fat and boost your energy… And it’s made ESPECIALLY for busy people and for those who hate the gym.

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get skinny in 6 minutesWorld-class expert in health, nutrition and fat loss, and author Craig Ballantyne, in his last research reveals a revolutionary weight loss blueprint called “6 Minutes to Skinny, and It claims that you can transform your body to a completely new you with only 6 minutes daily routine.

The blueprint, according to the Craig’s words, is specially made for busy people, those who hate the gym and for the lazy ones, which makes this program very attractive.

Only 6 Minutes Daily Routine?

At first sight, this sounds great. If we consider, let’s say just, how many people (not talking about the lazy ones) today simply can not afford the time to devote their self because of their busy life.

Kids, jobs, friends and other everyday activity already consume a big majority of your precious time. So could this 6 minutes program be the perfect fat loss solution for your already dense schedule?

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If you consider that making a cup of coffee sometimes takes longer, 6 minutes really shouldn’t be a hard job to implement every day in your morning routine to lose weight and boost your energy.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With “6 Minutes To Skinny” Program?

So what is the trick and is it possible to get results with this “get skinny” morning routine that takes only 6 minutes of your time? Craig claims that he has positive answer on that question.

First, why morning?

Well, the most people fail to lose weight because they don’t know how to switch on the natural fat burning metabolic cycles in their bodies. This cycles are responsible why you have more energy in the morning, get a bit tired after lunch and have the lack of energy at night.

6 minutes weight loss

Morning is the most important cycle period in the day when it comes to weight loss. When you set up your metabolism to accelerate fat burning from the beginning of the day, you can eat all your favorite foods through the rest of the day without storing any fat in your body.

Craig further state, that every morning, his simple 6 minutes routine delivers dramatically faster and healthier weight loss by turning your metabolism cycling into a fat burning machine for the long-term, no matter how old are you.

Great, how can i set up my fat burning metabolism in 6 minutes?

Well, Craig here didn’t want to reveal complete secret, because you need to get inside of the program to uncover that. But he did reveal 2 things you should never do in the morning if you want to accelerate your fat burning metabolism and fix your belly fat.

The first thing revealed is: In case your morning starts with the “healthy” breakfasts such as orange juice, a slice of buttered, whole-grain toast or cereals with skim milk, then you are in serious fat burning trouble! Junk foods like cereals are loaded with simple sugar carbohydrates.

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When you eat all those junk foods for breakfast, your blood level spikes and creates thyroid imbalance in your body that cause storing fat through the day instead of burning it. To be even worse, “normal breakfasts” like this can not provide you enough protein to accelerate your metabolism in the morning and that block your fat loss.

And the second thing is: Stop with the morning cardio. It’s proven that long, slow and boring cardio like jogging actually has little or no effect on losing weight. One hour of running can not burn more than about 500 calories. Not to mention danger sides of cardio like knee or back injuries or even hearth attack.

If you are feeding your self with those “healthy breakfasts” or going for jogging every morning and trying to lose your belly fat at the same time, It’s hard to say that, but you are actually setting up yourself to fail, according to the Craig’s words.

Try “6 Minutes To Skinny” Program


With just avoiding these two mistakes definitely is not enough to guarantee that you lose the stubborn fat.

==> “6 Minutes to Skinny” Official

That’s why, at the link below, our friend Craig Ballantyne will reveal in his “6 Minutes to Skinny” program, exactly what you need do 6 minutes every morning to activate your fat burning metabolism to start losing weight and boost your health and energy. 

6 minutes weight loss

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