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Why The FDA Approves TOXINS In Your Food And Water?

The FDA and goverments worldwide approves the use of different highly poisoning chemicals in your food and water, and there is no other way to fight back except to learn how to effectively avoid them.

FDA Approves TOXINS In Food And Water

Did you know the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and almost all other governments worldwide authorize the use of various highly toxic additives and chemicals in nearly everything you eat today; food, water and even “healthy” food supplements.

To be even worst, instead of making hundred percent sure the corporations never leave any kind of toxic compound in their products, the FDA actually support the companies in order to figure out how some “safe amount” of poison can be allowed on your fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, meat, and literally anything you eat or drink!

After some researching and testing the effect of a certain water contaminant, pesticide or GMO food on rats, they just slap the label “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) on that toxic chemical.

This is quite depressive, but that’s the world we are all involved in, and the fact that you’re actually reading about this important article right now proves that you are among a very small group of people who are taking action and getting educated.

That’s why, according to the Food and Drug Administration, of course, it is perfectly “normal and safe” to have the following highly toxic chemicals on your table every day.

4 Shocking Food Poisoning Facts

  • One average apple usually contain 42 different kind of pesticides, and 19 of them can potentially lead to hormonal disorders…
  • 95% of the corn, soy bean, canola and more than 50% of the sugar produced in the USA has been genetically manipulated, and the effect of genetically modified foods on human health has been proven enough that some countries have decided to ban them…
  • Water from the pipe you drink every day contains toxic chemical Atrazine, a very dangerous herbicide banned by the EU at the exact same time it was considered as safe and re-approved in United States…
  • The protein powder can contain a large amounts of heavy metals, because the FDA doesn’t even try to test those…

OK, let’s imagine that these toxic compounds are at a safe consuption level, and that your body is strong enough to fight those poisoning particles…

But the question is…

What will happen when TOXINS get stuck in your body?!

Interestng, there is no government or any regulatory food agency comes up to provide a true answer.

While in the meantime, the US Red Cross in one research took samples out of fetal cord blood from 10 newborn babies and found a horrifying and shocking amount of almost 300 harmful chemicals that are not supposed to be there.

So no matter you like it or not, our environment is getting every day more and more filled by toxins.

The ONLY thing we can do to fight back, demand better food quality, cleaner water and non toxic supplements is to get educated on the subject as much as we can.

That’s the reason why you NEED to check out a brand new food research that has been done. This research exposes the absolute truth about  “healthy” ingredients you eat every day and gives you a smart solution to help you live better and healthier life.

Check it out now:

==> 101 Highly Toxic Food Ingredients (get educated, get healthy)

Every single person on this earth who cares about their health needs a copy of this comprehensive literature. That’s how important this stuff is.

We really wish we wouldn’t talk about these toxic additives in our food, but we just need to, because its too important for all of us and our chirdren.

To your best health ever!

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